About us...


Established in 2017, we are situated in the heart of
the city of Derby, offering a Bavarian drinking experience, complete with events, food, entertainment and more - all year round.

We strive to stock the best continental biers, gins,
vodkas as chosen by us, and suggested by our clientele.

Our address is 19 - 23, Wardwick, Derby, DE1 1HA -
or please use the Google Maps feature below.

Our opening hours are:

Monday & Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - 4:00PM - Midnight
Food served 4:00PM till 9:00PM

Thursday - 4:00PM - Midnight
Food served 4:00PM till 9:00PM

Friday & Saturday - 12:00PM - 3:00AM
Food served 12:00PM till 9:00PM

Sunday - 12:00PM - Midnight
Food served 12:00 PM till 6:00PM

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